Recently Added Videos

This back cyst is huge! At least the popper is wearing gloves.

This video isn’t the greatest, but there’s no missing the massive amount of gunk flowing from this cyst.

This cyst just oozes pus like a river of slime.

This cyst is huge and nasty. Even nastier? The fact the popper is letting the dark pus ooze all over his fingers. It’s almost enough to make those with a weak stomach lose it.

This one starts off as a slow oozer, but the pus cannon fires off a massive round in the middle. Enjoy!

This cyst didn’t look too big, but it sure did spew a lot of pus!

This video isn’t the clearest, but there’s no missing the size of that pimple!

This isn’t the worst popping video we’ve posted, but something about the way this pus oozes just grosses me out.

At least it looks like this cyst is getting popped in a clean, surgical environment.

This is one nasty chin pimple.

This pimple on the guy’s nose fires pus all over the mirror.

The anticipation builds as the razor pokes gently at the swollen pus bag. Suddenly a river of blood and pus signal a gross victory for all spectators.

WARNING: For some reason, watching the popper catch the pus and blood in their hand and show it off for the camera turned my stomach a bit. The popping was fine, but seeing it in a gloveless hand was almost too much.