Recently Added Videos

This is a long one but it has everything you want from a popping vid.

What a terrible place for a pimple.

This one required both Q-Tips and a safety pin. Happy Popping!

That is a huge cyst! Enjoy.

The video quality sucks, but even still you can make out all of the pus coming from this giant zit.

This closeup has pus and blood and is quite nasty.

A nice close up, not too graphic.

Part of me wishes this video was more clear, but another part of me isn’t sure I would have been able to handle it without vomiting.

Nice video, though the dirty fingernails add a bit to the gross factor.

This cyst gets removed in one piece, by a professional.

This pimple pop is quite gooey, for lack of a better term.

That is one nasty cyst. Enjoy the popping with no gloves (even nastier!).