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I’m not sure if that’s a nipple or a pimple but when he squeezes it, it oozes a nasty discharge.

There’s no big explosion but this video is still gross. Props to the popper though for his unorthodox technique.

A week old pimple gets popped and it’s quite disgusting.

This zit is huge and the guy popping it isn’t wearing any gloves. Disgusting, to say the least.

A compilation of zits being popped like this is great because you’re almost certain to find one you’ll like (or hate, depending on what you’re going for).

When this guy squeezes the huge pimple on his neck, it squirts like something out of a play-doh factory. It’s disgusting, you’ve been warned.

This guy’s neck pimple was so big and he’d had it for so long that he named it Herman. Watch as he destroys Herman.

So this one isn’t a pimple but it is a cyst and it deserves to be seen. Full surgery going on here, including the cyst being removed and popped. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Damn that’s a huge ear pimple! Watch as this thing gets popped (No Gloves!) and the pus and blood flow.

Sure it’s not a pimple, zit, blackhead or cyst but it is certainly disgusting. Beware of the river of pus.

Popping this 25 year old zit doesn’t produce a white, liquidy pus like some other pimples, but that doesn’t make it any less gross. Instead you get a hard, solid brown substance that is quite disturbing.

The cyst on this guy’s body is cut open and man-handled until every last drop is out.