Here’s a nice closeup compilation video.
Yup, no gloves again. This is a big back zit.
At least her hair was covering it up, because that was a big zit.
This guy smartly goes to a professional to have his zit poppef.
This large zit gets popped by a medical professional.
This leg pimple is gigantic! No gloves from the popper, but they lay down a protective towel, which is nice and all.
So the cutter is wearing gloves when they cut the thing open but then the person doing the zit popping goes in bare handed.
This guy takes care of his own zits.
This compilation video features a few of the most popular pimple popping videos.
Is that guy wearing a garbage bag? Is that an industrial razor? Is this a medically clean procedure? That guy is going to end up with some disease. Hopefully that’s better than a huge back pimple.
This is pretty good video showing a guy popping his nose zit.