Recently Added Videos

This cyst has gotten so bad that it needs to be cut out. Yes, cut out. There will be blood!

This guy pops the pimple on his nose while his buddy records. The pimple, and some blood, explode on the mirror.

By our standards, this isn’t much of a pop, but we’ll give it credit for having nice, clear video of the pimple exploding.

This video of an ingrown hair being popped is short but sweet. And DISGUSTING….

A scalpel is used to cut this giant back pimple open.

This pimple fires all over the mirror once popped.

At least they wore gloves when they popped this blackhead pimple.

The cyst on this guys back is huge.

After the last few videos, this one might not seem great, but it’s a solid pop. Enjoy!

This one is huge and nasty! Viewer beware….

This video isn’t the greatest quality, but you can’t miss the massive amount of pus that comes from this cyst.

That’s a big pimple and that’s a lot of pus.