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This huge abscess gets drained and it’s as gross as you would imagine. There’s some blood in this one, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

For such a small pimple, it sure has a bunch of gunk coming out.

EDIT: ¬†Oops, it’s a foot, not a hand.

WARNING: This one made me a little queasy. Maybe your stomach is stronger. Even if not, I don’t regret watching it. Enjoy.

This pimple is huge and it looks like there’s no end to the amount of pus coming out of it.

The sebaceous cyst on this persons leg is disgusting! The amount of brown pus coming out will make even the strongest of stomachs squeam.

This kid pops his nose pimple all over the mirror. Nasty…

This isn’t the best quality video, but with how gross it is, you may just be happy that it’s not HD.

This is definitely a video for those with a strong stomach. If you can make it through this, you are a true champion of pimple popping viewing.

This sebaceous cyst is enormous!

Watch this cyst explode under magnification!

This pimple sprouted from an ingrown hair and grew to massive proportions before being popped.

This pimple shoots a massive stream of pus. Try and watch this without getting sick to your stomach.