The kids have a special part to play in this one.  😀
This is so epic it’s scary.  Who ever heard of pulling out infected material from a wound using a toenail cutter?  :O
Oooh it’s chunky.  😀 If you enjoyed this video, share it with your friends and family!
A repeat performance, and this time, with tissue!  😀
That was nice.  Couldn’t understand much what the lady in the background is saying though.  😀
He has two big ones and I’m pretty sure one is infected.  Of course you should play with it.  (Not.)  -_-
It’s not so nasty except when they started wiping the contents on her shirt.  ><
Intense content flow for a pretty small infection.  ><
The difficulty is always in being able to tell the difference between the lipoma and the regular fat — and I still can’t tell.  😀
Oooooh that was a lot!  😀
I’m torn between real enjoyment and passing fancy since they’re already out of the body.  -_- At least there were small infections afterward.  😀
Another jam-packed video from this guy!  😀
The original description says this is a pilomatricoma and not the regular epidermoid cyst we usually see.  We enjoy seeing stuff come out of it just as much.  ^^

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